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Introducing the Prodigy Game Portal

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Wizards. Pets. Elements. Items.

The Prodigy Math Game world is big. How big, you ask? 

Well, let’s answer that question with another question (or three). How many math games do you know that are:

  • Home to more than 150 magical pets?
  • Split into ten zones, each with their own unique landscapes?
  • Full of hundreds of in-game items, from goop samples to power crystals — from forest emeralds to...tin cans?

Whether you haven’t cast your first spell or you’re a battle-hardened wizard, there’s a lot to take in, a lot to talk about, and — above all — a lot to do in the Prodigy Math Game world.

What is the Game Portal?

The Game Portal is your one-stop shop for all Prodigy news, updates, and game-related content!

If you’re ever in doubt about where to find the latest news on Prodigy Math Game, come to the Game Portal to answer questions like:

  • What events are coming up soon? 
  • What is the biggest event happening right now in Prodigy? 
  • What new features and challenges are being added to the game? 

There's always a lot happening in the Prodigy Math Game world. Enter our Game Portal to stay up to date!

What to look for?

But the Game Portal isn’t only a place to find news about Prodigy Math Game. 

This year, we’ll be revealing more and more of the magic of Prodigy — for the first time ever, outside of the game. 

We have big plans to make it a place for Prodigy fans to get more details about pets, game areas, items, elements — and much, much more

And we’ve already started! Make sure to check out the Game Portal’s “featured pets” section to find out some never-before-seen knowledge about pets like Ashlet, Zipzap, and Squibble! 

Or, if you're curious, stop by to find out more about the Ancient’s Ultimate form…

Ready to explore?

Enter the Game Portal now!
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