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Prodigy Game Update: Player vs. Player!

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You asked for it and we’re pleased to announce the release of Player vs. Player battles! You can now challenge your friends to a math battle in Prodigy!

The Player vs. Player system allows Prodigy wizards from all over the world to battle each other! By clicking on a character, you can reveal their “player card”.

Using the player cards, you can:

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Prodigy Player Card

  1. Challenge them to a battle
  2. See other players’ character name and level
  3. View what gear they currently have equipped
  4. View their statistics

When another player challenges you, you’ll get a mail message in the top right corner of your page that looks like this:

Click on the envelope to reveal who’s challenged you:

From this page you can choose to accept or decline the challenge. Click the green checkmark to accept and the red X to decline.

If you choose to accept or if you challenge another player, you’ll be brought into the challenge. It will show you a screen that looks like this:

The game will attempt to establish a good connection between the two players. If one is made the challenge will commence. If a good connection cannot be made or the other player chooses not to accept the challenge, then the screen will time out and you’ll be returned to the game. 

During battle, when awaiting the other player’s action, you’ll see a message in the bottom center of the page:

The battle will continue until a winner is decided! Best of luck Prodigy wizards!