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Prodigy Content Update: 110 New Math Skills Added!

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  • New Math Content

Today we added hundreds of new questions of all different styles to Prodigy. Our education team has been working hard to develop questions that enable students to show their thinking and break the question down into parts. By allowing students to enter more than one answer on a particular question, teachers and parents can gain a better insight into where it is their student may be going wrong.

With this release we have a new first at Prodigy; interactive questions! This question type allows students to interact with the tools shown on screen, like number lines and place value charts.

4th grade – Improper fraction placed on a number line

In order for a student to answer the question, all they do is click to show the point on the number line. Check out some of this week’s newest questions below and look out for a lot more interactive questions to come!

4th grade – Fraction adding using fraction strips with like denominators

4th grade – Multiply fractions with like denominators using number line

6th grade – Complete steps for dividing 3-digit by 2-digit

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7th grade – Probability of opposite, exclusive, and overlapping events

For a full breakdown of the 900+ curriculum-aligned skills we cover, please visit our skills page. You can also create customized assessments in-game by selecting a skill from the assignments page found within your teacher portal. To create your free account please visit