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How to Benchmark Student Progress Using Prodigy’s Test Prep Tool

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Remote learning, hybrid classrooms, new safety measures — across the U.S., teachers like you have done an extraordinary job at adapting to another school year where things are different. 

One thing happening differently that may be on your mind is standardized testing.

Whether standardized tests are happening online or in the classroom, Prodigy’s Test Prep tool is here to help you:

  • Benchmark your students’ learning progress
  • Make informed decisions about your teaching and review
  • Deliver a positive, stress-free and engaging test prep experience for your students

It’s not just a review 

Prodigy’s Test Prep tool gives you comprehensive data on the exact math concepts students have mastered and identifies areas they need to continue developing, so you can be confident that your students are prepared for next year. 

Already know that Prodigy’s a proven, effective tool? Jump down to the how-to section and start prepping!

Research shows the effectiveness of Prodigy’s Test Preps!

Three students sit socially distanced, wearing masks, in a classroom while a teacher helps one girl with her work.

In collaboration with a south-central US school district, third party researchers evaluated how effective Prodigy was in improving students’ math achievement in the 2018/2019 school year. 

Researchers concluded that increased use of Prodigy was significantly correlated with increased achievement gains for students on a standardized mathematics assessment. 

Our research team also found that data from completed Test Preps is just as predictive as NWEA MAP and the STAAR exam in Texas. When you assign a Test Prep to your students, you’ll get an accurate, real-time snapshot of:

  • How students will potentially perform on their standardized test
  • Where students are excelling and where they need additional support

Want to know more? Check out the full study.

What does this mean? (Good things!)

The Test Prep tool provides accurate data on student understanding and curriculum progress that helps you benchmark their achievement and make important decisions about your teaching.

Our team of certified teachers also audited the Test Preps for every state to ensure your students get the most accurate in-game content possible.

So, you can confidently use Prodigy’s Test Prep tool to discover where your students have knowledge gaps — down to the exact skills — and help make sure students are prepared to move on to the next grade.

Still not sure if you should set a Test Prep?

Here’s why teachers like you are using Test Preps to support students through remote, hybrid or in-person learning:

  • As an engaging practice toolTest Preps span your entire curriculum, so your students can practice key math skills as they play.
  • To make informed decisions — Accurately predict how your students will perform on state tests and make decisions about re-teaching or review.
  • Saving time with up-to-date student insights — Easily and efficiently gather valuable data about your students’ progress and learning gaps. Get more time to differentiate for your student's needs, whether it’s through whole class, small group or one-on-one instruction.

In short, Prodigy’s Test Prep is effective. Here’s how you can use it to benchmark your students or prepare students for their next standardized test.

Create a Test Prep now!

Don’t forget: If you have overlapping assessments, students will complete them in order of priority —Test Preps and Assignments followed by Plans— and then by creation date (i.e., oldest to newest). Once students have completed all the assessments you created, they’ll continue to receive adaptive math content. But, if you want students to start working through the Test Prep sooner, you can delete the existing overlapping Assignment(s).

How to create a Test Prep

1. Go to your Assessments tool in your teacher dashboard

Visit the Prodigy website and click Login in the top-right corner.

Select a classroom.

Within the classroom, go to the Assessments tool.

Screenshot of the Assessments tab in the Prodigy teacher dashboard.

You can find the Assessments tool at the left of your screen on desktop. If you’re using a mobile device, it’s at the bottom.

2. Click Create

At the top of your screen, click the green Create button.

Screenshot of the Assessments selection pop up in the Prodigy teacher dashboard.

Select the third option in the list — Test Preps — and click Continue.

Test Preps in Prodigy will give your students practice for specific skills that are assessed by your region’s standardized test, as your teacher account tracks their results.

3. Select your standardized test

Use the search box to look for your state or province. You can also use the drop-down menu to select your area.

Once you’ve selected your location, two more options will appear: drop-down menus to select your relevant standardized Test prep and Grade level.

Screenshot of selecting the correct standardized test in the Prodigy teacher dashboard.

4. Choose the start and end date

Click the calendar date you want your prep to begin on,  and drag it to your desired end date.

When you select an end date, a green Create button will pop up. Click that to confirm your date range.

Screenshot of the process for selecting the start and end date for a Test Prep in the Prodigy teacher dashboard.

Standardized Test Preps can be fairly lengthy, so be sure to provide your students with enough time to complete them (e.g., two to four weeks instead of one).

A box will also appear suggesting an average daily playing time you should allow for your students to successfully complete the test prep on time.

To shorten or lengthen the test prep, click Adjust date range.

All set? Click Got it.

Screenshot of the pop up that tells teachers how long students need to play to complete a Prodigy Test Prep.

5. Have students play

Voila! Your test prep will appear in the Assessments calendar as an Assessment or Assignment would. If you click on it, you’ll be able to:

  • View your students’ progress
  • Edit the Test Prep’s length
  • Delete it

Once your students have completed the Test Prep, take a look at the results and send targeted Assignments to specific students to help fill any knowledge gaps.

Prodigy’s fun and free Standardized Test Prep is an engaging way to help lower assessment anxiety, boost scores and benchmark student progress!

Create a Test Prep now!