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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with 48 Little Ways Teachers Make a Big Difference

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A teacher bends down to talk to two students in a classroom during teacher appreciation week.

When we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week last year, we had no idea what twists and turns were in store for teachers and students. 

Whether it was making the best of hybrid learning, enforcing safety protocols at school or connecting with hard-to-reach students, we saw you go above and beyond in difficult circumstances.

Teachers like you are the backbone of the education system and have impacted countless lives. But it’s not always about the big, grand gestures — it’s about all the little things teachers do that add up to something amazing. 

We want to make Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 an opportunity to say thank you to teachers for all you do, big and small.

When is teacher appreciation week?

Teacher appreciation week is the first full week of May — because just one day of celebrating teachers just isn’t enough!

In person and online, it’s a way to say thank you for all the hard work teachers do during the school year — everything from teaching students about long division to organizing classroom supplies.

48 Ways teachers make a difference in and out of the classroom

There are so many little things teachers do that make a big difference for their students and communities. At Prodigy, we want to say thank you for all the time you spend:

  1. Laminating projects
  2. Wiping glue off of tables
  3. Documenting everything
  4. Calming anxious parents
  5. Sharpening all the pencils
  6. Bandaging scraped knees
  7. Listening to student stories
  8. Troubleshooting technology
  9. Creating classroom handouts
  10. Preparing for standardized testing
  11. Daily behavior reports for students
  12. One on one sessions with students
  13. Keeping the peace in the classroom
  14. Changing out bulletin board displays
  15. Doing yard duty in the worst weather
  16. Zipping zippers and buttoning buttons
  17. Building lessons around student interests 
  18. Giving up your breaks to go the extra mile
  19. Piles (and piles, and more piles) of grading
  20. Fixing the copier, even when you’re in a rush
  21. Constantly learning and developing new skills
  22. Having silly brain breaks in the middle of class
  23. Caring about students when you’re off the clock
  24. Stepping up and being a role model for students
  25. Labeling everything from coat hooks to craft bins
  26. Sanitizing every single surface in your classroom
  27. Cheering students on as they tackle difficult tasks
  28. Browsing the library for books your students will love
  29. Reaching ELL students and families in creative ways
  30. Supporting fellow teachers through their highs and lows
  31. Keeping students safe with masks and social distancing
  32. Decorating classroom doors for every event and season
  33. Staying up late to make amazing classroom decorations
  34. Counseling students and families through hard problems
  35. Finding new and exciting classroom activities on Pinterest
  36. Updating class websites and learning management systems
  37. Differentiating for all the learning needs in a diverse classroom
  38. Searching high and low for the best worksheets and resources
  39. Holding impromptu parent-teacher conferences over the phone
  40. Ensuring the well-being of every single student in your classroom
  41. Tying shoelaces — and teaching students how to do it themselves
  42. Sourcing fun printables that make lessons more engaging for students
  43. Tidying the classroom (or gamifying cleaning so your students clean up for you)
  44. Creating education solutions that prioritize accessibility and equity for every student
  45. Constantly organizing your classroom and making sure everything is in the right place
  46. Starting the school year early to make going back to school even more exciting for students
  47. Attending endless meetings — parent-teacher conferences, PD days, staff meetings and more
  48. Encouraging students, cheering them on and staying in touch long after they’ve left your classroom

On behalf of Prodigy, a big thank you to every teacher working tirelessly to support their students.

Thank you from Prodigy's Teachers

Inside and out, Prodigy wouldn’t be what it is today without teachers like you. 

And whether it’s filming video lessons or adding new math skills, our in-house teachers make sure Prodigy is effective for you and fun for your students. 

Here’s what they wanted to say to you:

"Teachers, you are true superheroes! Thank you for the endless effort you put in to make your students feel special. Know that you are deeply appreciated for all of the seen and unseen work that you do." Josh Prieur, Ed.D, Director of Education
Dry Erase board with message on it reading "Thank you teachers for all you do!"
From Josh Prieur, Ed.D, Director of Education

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for everything that you do! The amount of care and effort you put into your teaching is inspiring. Thank you for continuing to support your students through these challenging times! Please remember to take care of yourself too.

Thank you for all the time you spend creating fun learning activities and preparing materials. Thank you for providing your students with a safe and positive learning environment. Thank you for encouraging all of your learners.

You wear many hats throughout the day. Thank you for taking on all those different roles for your students. You are appreciated!

Thank you for guiding your students through another memorable year. Your students will most definitely remember how you made them feel safe and welcomed. They will remember how you believed in them, made learning fun, and how awesome you were.

Thank you for being an amazing teacher. Your students are so lucky to have you!



Education Specialist and Proud Supporter of YOU!

Dear teacher, thank you: for sticking around during these unprecedented times, for finding ways to help our kids find joy and still be kids, for giving parents peace of mind knowing our kids are in the best hands and care, for doing all of this while taking care of your own families, for your flexibility, kindness, patience, courage, strength and empathy, for making and improssible situation feel possible. Thank you for showing our kids that learning never stops, even in the midst of a pandemic. Thank you for all you do! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Stay safe and well, Diana, Education Specialist and proud supporter of you.
Dear teacher, Thank you for everything you do! Thank you for spending those extra hours to create fun, engaging lessons for students. Thank you for that extra encouragement you provide for your students. Thank you for taking the time to really listen to and get to know your students. Thank you for your work in creating inclusive, welcoming classrooms for students, both in-person and virtually. Most of all, thank you for being you! Sincerely, Erin, Education Specialist/Teacher
Dear teacher, Thank you! Please know that you are appreciated for all that you do. Every single thing you do to ensure students feel important, supported, and valued is appreciated. All of the time you spend to adapt to different learning modes is appreciated. The hours you spend in the morning, through the day, in the evening, and through the night thinking of ways to reach your students are appreciated. All of the big and little things you do to make a difference in the lives of students are appreciated. Please take a break when it is needed. Please know that it is very important to practice self-care. Please reach out for support and know you are not alone. You are appreciated. You are valued. You are changing lives. You are loved. You are incredible. You are a teacher! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sincerely, Stephanie. Educator, Education Specialist, and proud supporter of you!

I'm a parent who wants to say thank you to my child's teacher. What can I do?

First of all, we totally agree — teachers deserve to be celebrated!

If you’re looking for ways you and your child can celebrate teacher appreciation week, here are some of our favorite suggestions:

  • Send your teacher a gift card for school supplies or their favorite store
  • Give your teacher a small present (our holiday teacher gift guide has some great ideas!)
  • Tell the school principal or school district administrator what a great job your teacher is doing
  • Make a thank you card or write a letter of appreciation your teacher can keep for years to come
  • Advocate for support and funding for your school district’s teachers with local government officials

Remember, teacher appreciation shouldn’t just happen on one day or even one week. It’s important to support and encourage teachers year-round as they do the extremely important job of educating the next generation.

P.S. Got a favorite teacher or a fellow educator you appreciate? Send them this blog post to say thank you for all their hard work.

Thanks for every single thing you do, teachers.

— The Prodigy Education Team

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