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The 5 Best Math Channels on YouTube For Teachers and Students

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Are you looking for some great math videos to supplement your math lessons? There are some awesome YouTube channels that make great teaching aids and blended learning resources. Without further ado, here are the top 5 math channels on YouTube:

1. Mathademics – Short tutorials covering a range of elementary and middle school topics, with a heavy focus on fractions, geometry, and measurement.

2. Video Math Tutor– Useful channel that provides several tutoring math videos covering different topics including basic math lessons, calculator tips, and brain teasers.

3. Numberphile– Want to make teaching math more fun and exciting? This channel has some awesome videos that features colorful, graphic videos about Pi, prime numbers, and even the games like Yahtzee.

4. MathTV– Over 10,000 instructional videos to help you learn everything from basic math to calculus. Each problem is worked by multiple instructors, mapped to your assigned textbook.

5. Khan Academy– one of the most famous YouTube channels for education, the Khan Academy offers thousands of videos that can help your students learn math in a fun way.