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No more report card surprises with Classroom Learning

Track your child’s math assignments and progress with Prodigy’s new Classroom Learning tool.

See Classroom Learning now!

Be the difference in your child’s education with Classroom Learning

Daughter and father smiling in front of laptop.
  • Motivate practice — See when an assignment is coming up and encourage your child to complete it on time.

  • Communicate progress — Understand what’s happening in the classroom so you can communicate with your child’s teacher effectively.

  • Support learning — Celebrate your child’s success with high-fives and see where you can support them with ease.

How it works

Weekly questions answered

See classwork in progress and track current assignments as your child plays Prodigy Math Game.

Past Assessments

View past assessments and understand your child’s achievements or areas for improvement.

Upcoming Assessments

Know what’s coming next with a list of upcoming assessments so you can plan ahead.

Access more parent tools & features with a Premium Membership

All plans automatically renew and can be cancelled at any time.

Prodigy Basic


Help your child learn math and have fun in the world of Prodigy

Our most basic plan

  • Benefits for your kids

  • Core gameplay features

  • All in-game math content

  • Core items only

  • Preliminary pet features only

  • Benefits for parents

  • Parent dashboard

  • Standard reporting

  • See classroom activity and get insights

Prodigy Level Up

$9.95per month

Even more features to help your child stay engaged and practice more math!

Everything in Prodigy Basic, plus...

  • Benefits for your kids

  • Access a ton of membership-exclusive gear and items for your child to outfit their character

  • Rescue and evolve loads of additional pets!

  • Access membership-exclusive game areas for your child to explore

  • Benefits for parents

  • Set goals for your child to win in-game rewards

  • See which questions are causing trouble

  • Adjust the grade level of the questions your child will encounter

  • Track your child's progress through their curriculum

  • Send encouraging messages to your child in the game

  • Access curated video lessons to help your child learn concepts

  • Print curated math worksheets to provide additional support for your child

Prodigy Ultimate

$14.95per month

Our most comprehensive plan to help maximize fun AND learning.

Everything in Prodigy Level Up, plus...

  • Benefits for your kids

  • 1 Exclusive Ultimate item per season

  • 1 Exclusive Ultimate pet per season

  • Benefits for parents

  • Set challenging goals for your child and choose from over 40 exciting in-game rewards

  • Access to Focus Mode tool that enables your child to answer more questions at home.

  • NEW: Know when your child feels frustrated with math questions and help them with our tools.

Included in all Premium Membership plans

Practice Sheets

Support your child with custom worksheets that make homework time fun.

Practice Areas

See sample questions of the skills your child practiced and where they need extra help.

Benefits for your child

Unlock extra in-game content and fun rewards that boost your child’s motivation to learn.

Inspire your child and support them along the way.

Access Classroom Learning and more reports with a Prodigy parent account.