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Dive into an epic tale

Embark on mini adventures, fight tough bosses to earn Runes and power-up in a brand new way.

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A mystical story comes to life!

The legend of Harmony Island

It was a tale as old as the world, thought to be a myth for generations. 

Until now. 

As legend reveals, powerful forces awaken when balance must be restored to the Prodigy world. 

And as Harmony Island reveals itself once again, it all appears to be true — this mystical tale is coming to life.

Only a brave wizard like you can fight against the shadow magic, restore balance to the world and save the day!

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You're the hero of this story

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Choose your own adventure

Discover Harmony Island and all the paths you can explore. Where will your journey take you?

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Unlock your true strength

Come face-to-face with a new mystical figure as you make your way through the adventure.

P.S. Wizards, there's more to this story than you know. Learn about the latest update now!

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Light your path to victory

Use strength and courage to fight the darkness and defeat the powerful forces controlling the island.

Power-up like never before

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Start your collection

Complete exciting challenges and fight new bosses to collect Runes.

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Runes grant wizards and pets a stat boost to make them stronger.

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Choose carefully

Wizards and pets are only awarded 3 Rune Slots each. 

P.S. High tier Runes = better stat boosts.

Are you ready?

Reach level 20 to unlock Harmony Island and start the Rune Run adventure.

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