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Endless engagement. Adaptive content. Standards-aligned.

Millions of teachers use Prodigy to skyrocket engagement, differentiate instruction and help students enjoy learning!

Engage your students with two unique, game-based worlds where they’ll be inspired to pursue their very own learning adventure.

Easily differentiate and let our adaptive algorithm highlight areas of progress – no grading necessary.

Confidently deliver content in math and English that aligns with your classroom and curriculum standards.

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How Prodigy works

Boost engagement in your classroom with two captivating learning games.

Two students play math and English games on tablet devices.

Students play Prodigy games

In Prodigy Math, students are wizards engaged in epic math battles. In Prodigy English, students collect and harvest resources to build their very own world.

Students answer in-game questions

As they battle or build, students answer questions to progress. All question content is teacher-made and is delivered through our adaptive algorithm. 

A teacher guides two students playing math and English games on tablets.

Teachers motivate & track learning

As they play, student data appears in your teacher dashboard, which will help empower you to better understand your students' needs and deliver assessments.

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You’re all set to enjoy everything Prodigy has to offer. Check out the pages below for more information about Prodigy, educational technology and more!

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