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Spring Activities Bundle

This math activity bundle is packed with math puzzles and opportunities for differentiation that will get your students super excited about learning! Download our activity pack and see your students' minds grow!

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What's included

Our Spring classroom bundle is packed with activities for your students to enjoy, including:

  • March Assignment Calendar: Personalize assignments and cater to the unique learning needs of each student with this assignment calendar. It's designed to save you time by suggesting targeted skills you can assign in Prodigy Math to ensure every learner is both supported and challenged.

  • March Activity Calendar: This engaging calendar is filled with a unique math word problem for each day of March, challenging students to apply their mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun and dynamic way.

  • Math Problem Solvers: This worksheet contains eight tricky math word problems that students can complete individually or in groups. Students are encouraged to think about how each problem should be approached before diving into the solution.

  • Puzzling Numbers: By completing a puzzle to ensure all math sentences are true, and then creating their own puzzle afterward, students can gain a deeper understanding of addition and enhance their numeracy skills.

  • Show Ed the Path (x2): Students can assist Ed in crossing the math path to reach the bus by solving each question and identifying which squares are safe for Ed to step on. There are two versions of this worksheet to support differentiation within your classroom—one containing addition & subtraction problems and the other containing multiplication & division problems.

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  • Effortlessly differentiate content to match your lesson, curriculum and individual student needs.

  • Automatically graded assessments, complete with reports offering valuable data and insights.

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