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The Streak Peak Mountain Challenge

Make math a fun habit today! Get your child on a 4-week Prodigy Math Game Streak to earn exclusive coloring pages outside of the game.

The challenge

Help your child climb Streak Peak Mountain!

When they log in to play Prodigy Math Game at home for four weeks straight, your child will climb the whole mountain, uncovering one printable coloring page each week (and practicing lots of math along the way!)

Put all four pages together, and they’ll build an exclusive poster that can only be found outside of the game!

How to help your child start their streak

Encourage your child to play Prodigy at home at least once a week for four weeks. When they log in, they’ll be automatically entered into the Challenge.

Every week, we’ll email you one coloring page for each piece of the poster including a special explorer’s patch to mark their achievement!

Check your inbox weekly to find each printable piece of the poster. Print them out and work together to build the entire poster in four weeks.

The reward

Each week, your child will receive a new printable page to mark their achievements. Put all four together to build the entire poster! With every step reached, your child will also earn a special climber’s patch to mark their achievements.

Achievement levels

Week 1

Location: Hexagon Hill

Week 2

Location: Parallel Path

Week 3

Location: Timeline Trail

Week 4

Location: Streak Peak

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ready to start climbing?

Get those hiking boots laced, grab a water bottle and encourage your child to play Prodigy! Set a new weekly Goal now to motivate them even more.

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