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What to expect during your Math Tutoring session

Join the session

When the time arrives, join the session from your child’s device by clicking on the link in your confirmation email or calendar invite. This will open the Zoom conferencing app. You will need to install Zoom before your session (see details below).

Continue learning

Your child and their Math Tutor will continue to learn together to achieve the goals you’ve set together during the consultation session.

Review and next steps

Your Math Tutor will send you a summary of the session along with proposed next steps. You can schedule follow-up sessions at your convenience.


1. Pick the device your child will use. Find a pair of headphones.

  • For an optimal interactive learning experience we recommend that your child use a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. This is so that they can type, draw, and manipulate shapes on screen with their Math Tutor. A smartphone screen is too small to allow for a rich interactive experience.
  • If using a laptop or desktop computer, please ensure your child is comfortable using the mouse or the device’s trackpad.
  • Double check that the device’s microphone and camera are working.
  • Have a set of headphones ready for your child to use during the session to minimize sound interference.

2. Download and install the Zoom App on the device your child will use.

  • Prodigy Math Tutoring uses Zoom conferencing to facilitate our sessions. You'll need a stable connection to the internet to have the best experience.
  • Please download and install the Zoom app from the following links:

  • The download should not take longer than 1-2 minutes.
  • Complete the setup by clicking the downloaded file and following the quick setup steps that will appear on your screen. You do not need to create a personal account to use Zoom for the Math Tutoring sessions. Once installed, you will be able to use Zoom for all your future Math Tutoring sessions.
  • Need help setting up Zoom? Send us a quick email and we will help you out.

3. Find or set up a quiet, distraction free environment.

  • Pick a quiet room or spot in your home that is away from any possible distractions (ie. pets, siblings, the TV, etc.).
  • Have pencils and paper on hand for your child to use as needed.
  • Remember to have a set of headphones ready to use during the session.


Join the Math Tutoring session from your child’s device by clicking the link found in your calendar invite or in the session confirmation email you received in your inbox.

  • This will automatically open a new browser tab and will ask you to “Open Zoom”. Click “Open Zoom” and you will join the meeting. You can also double click on the Zoom icon on your device and click “Join a Meeting” then paste the link in the text field labelled “Meeting ID”.
  • If you join your session before the scheduled time, you will enter a waiting room. Your Math Tutor will join the room at your scheduled time.
  • When your session has started, you will be able to see your Math Tutor on screen. In the consultation session, they will walk you through a few of the Zoom controls that your child will use.
  • Need help accessing your session? Contact us now by email or at 1-866-585-4655.

Frequently Asked Questions

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