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Help your child learn with 1-on-1 online Math Tutoring for 6th grade

Prodigy’s 6th grade Math Tutors are experienced classroom teachers that provide interactive, customized lessons geared to your child’s learning style.

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Student sitting at a desk, doing a Prodigy Math Tutoring session on his tablet.

Get online math help for 6th grade subjects

Our math tutoring sessions focus on the curriculum-aligned skills required for your child’s grade level.

A cube, a protractor and a ruler.

Geometry & Spatial Sense

Students will understand how to calculate the area, volume and dimensions of 2D or 3D shapes and figures.

A calculator


Students will learn the meaning behind mathematical variables, expressions and equations and how to use them.

Graph of data with an analog clock on the top.

Statistics & Probability

Students will collect, distribute and interpret data sets, then summarize what they represent.

How 1-on-1 online Math Tutoring works

  • Access online sessions wherever you are. Save your family the extra driving time — our sessions are 100% virtual! With just an internet connection, you can connect with amazing Math Tutors all across North America.

  • Give your 6th grader undivided attention with 1-on-1 learning. Your child’s Tutor will get to know their learning needs and design a custom lesson plan to support them.

  • Get customized lessons that dig deep on specific needs. Your child’s Tutor will get to know their individual learning needs and design a custom lesson plan to support them.

  • Use Prodigy Math Game to build on skills and subjects learned. Learning plans incorporate data from within the game. Plus, homework assignments involve playing the game so your child can have fun practicing new math concepts!

How to get started

Book your free session

Select a date and time that works best for your first free 30-minute tutoring consultation.

Explore your Learning Plan

For your first session, you'll explore your child's grade level mastery, get a personalized Learning Plan based on game progress, and receive a 15 minute lesson.

Continue learning

After your free session, you'll get a debrief email with the Learning Plan and options to book recurring time slots with your Math Tutor.

Pay-as-you-go or recurring sessions for 6th graders

Single Session


per session

  • Perfect for on-demand help

  • 30 minute 1-on-1 session with any available tutor

  • Written debrief and next steps

Weekly Recurring Sessions



per weekly session, billed every 4 weeks

  • Perfect for continual growth and understanding

  • 30 minute weekly 1-on-1 sessions with the same tutor each week

  • Fill gaps, build confidence, do homework, extend your learning

  • Written debrief and next steps

Meet a few of our 6th grade Math Tutors

Prodigy Math Tutor, Angela


"I absolutely love 6th grade because I always see so much growth from these students! 6th graders always seem ready to attack math in a way that allows them to think more deeply than ever before."

Prodigy Math Tutor, Erica


"It is awesome to see 6th graders light up when they realize math is just a game and once we understand the rules, they can do anything with numbers!"

Prodigy Math Tutor, Brittany


"I love teaching 6th grade math because it is a year of diving deeper into the meaning of fractions and decimals and how they are used in real life scenarios."

Prodigy Math Tutor, Lisa


"I love introducing expressions and simple equations to students in 6th grade. Equations are my favorite thing to teach and solve with my middle school students!"

Parents love online Math Tutoring

"We signed up for the free information session and got to meet one of the coaches, Tyler. Our son got to do a short session to see what it was like, and he immediately wanted more."

Venetia S.

Prodigy parent

"We plan to continue with Prodigy coaching, for as long as our daughter continues to succeed with it. Who knows where it will take her! Our daughter said last week, 'I actually like math now! Prodigy has really changed my math-itude.'"

Elisabeth M.

Prodigy parent

"The boys have developed a great rapport with their tutor and love the sessions. He even creates problems based on video game points! I am so grateful for our Prodigy tutor and the new joy my children have found in math."

Victoria M.

Prodigy parent

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get tailor-made math learning for your 6th grader

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