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About Prodigy

Prodigy is a curriculum-aligned math game loved by over 50 million children in Grades 1‑8 and used by over 1.5 million teachers

Children love learning math

Children voluntarily practice math with Prodigy at home, for as long as they do in school.

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Parents get real-time insights

Parents monitor and support their child’s learning using the tools in their free Parent account.

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Teachers use Prodigy

Used by teachers and schools to increase student confidence levels and engagement in math.

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Prodigy for Children

The game adapts in difficulty to suit your child’s learning style and grade level

All educational content is free for all children, forever. It’s our mission.

The only way we make money is through optional Premium Memberships.

Optional Premium Memberships give access to extra in-game features.

These fun incentives boost the time spent learning and answering math questions.

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Game-based learning is engaging and effective in building confidence.

Children have to solve math challenges to progress in the game.

Children practice in a safe and private environment.

No personal interactions or social networking can happen inside or outside of the game. All in-game play is scripted.

Prodigy for Parents

Get real-time insights into your child’s learning progress with your own free Prodigy Parent account

See where your child stands within the curriculum

Learn where your child excels and where they need more practice and support using the Curriculum Progress Reports and the Report Cards available in your Parent Account.

Receive timely email updates

Summaries of weekly Progress Reports and monthly Report Cards are delivered right to your inbox so you can continue to motivate your child as they learn.

Set Goals and send Rewards

Encourage your child to learn more math by setting Goals and by sending celebratory in-game Rewards once they achieve them.

Angela's Testimonial Headshot
Angela Bradbury
Gorsewood Primary School, UK

“I think every parent should make a parent account. I love the fact that parents can see what their child is working on and how they are progressing. I have noticed a direct connection to my students that play at home and increased test scores.

If you are a parent that wants to know what your child knows and what they struggle with this is a great tool that is very engaging.

I have my own parent account for my daughter and I love that as a six grade student she is still as engaged by the content as my second graders. If you don't have a parent account you need to get one even if your child doesn't use Prodigy at school”

“My 8 year old son struggled with Math. He is ADHD and dyslexic. His teacher recommended Prodigy and he loves it!... Today he took his disctrict Math assessment and only missed 2 questions, which is amazing for him. Because of his wonderful teacher and Prodigy he finally loves math.”

Patti F.


“My daughter is excelling at the grade 2 material because she loves the game so much, and... I'm a little bit jealous. :) Where was Prodigy when we were kids!?!?!?”

Sean G.


“I love that you have the curriculum but level them up when they can move on. Alex is in 3rd grade and takes 4th grade math at school and on Prodigy he's getting a mix of 4th and 5th grade math!”

Leslie P.


Prodigy in School

Meet the Teachers who use Prodigy

Sophie's Testimonial Headshot
Sophie Simmons
Gorsewood Primary School, UK

“I’ll go through the results in Prodigy - if it’s a big group of kids who are struggling on some maths concept, I can adjust future lessons to meet their needs…

We have seen a big improvement in our maths progress and we are now seeing progress from children who didn’t really engage with maths beforehand. They know they need to learn the methods because it will help them win their next battle.”

Katy's Testimonial Headshot
Katy Piper
Gorsewood Primary School, UK

“Children are choosing to answer sometimes over 500 questions a week. It has enthused a love of maths in even the most reluctant of my pupils.

As their teacher, I can target the areas that need addressing with specific pupils because I can differentiate questions, the gameplay lets them battle with friends on what they see as a level playing field.

Children who would not usually win anything maths-related are winning and progressing through the levels with their peers and this is developing a confidence and passion for the subject I have rarely seen across a whole class before.”

Frequently asked questions

You can sign up for a parent account anytime. Your parent account is always free and a great way to track your child’s progress and development as they learn math and progress through grade levels while playing Prodigy. You can:

  • see how many questions they answer, the grade level they are performing at, and the areas where they need more practice.
  • set learning goals and send in-game rewards to challenge and motivate your child.
  • access their Curriculum Progress Report and monthly Report Card for up-to-date insights into their performance.

Prodigy's math questions are based on the curriculum your child is being taught in school. All of the content is organized by grade level and meets curriculum standards. More about Curriculum Alignment.

Prodigy determines your child’s skill level using a placement test, giving your child harder or easier questions as they play to figure out where they stand.

The placement test starts immediately and runs in the background as the game is played. It begins at one grade below the grade that you or your child selected when setting up their account, and then works upwards to determine your child’s actual grade level. After the test ends, the difficulty level continues to adapt, revisiting pre-requisites or jumping ahead depending on how your child performs.

When playing the game, no personal information, or inappropriate language can be shared or seen by any other user.

Prodigy is serious about protecting the privacy of teachers, parents and students. We have partnered with an independent privacy expert (iKeepSafe) to ensure full compliance with all federal privacy legislation (like FERPA and COPPA) as well as state legislation (like SOPIPA or AB1584 in California).