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What is Prodigy Math Game? [Pets, Quests and More!]

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If you have a math wizard in your life, you probably already know how engaging Prodigy is (no wonder it can shift kids’ mindsets about math!) 

But do you know why it’s so engaging? 

We’re here to answer your biggest questions about Prodigy Math Game. 🤯

Use this complete guide to discover how the game keeps your child coming back for more math practice, and how to make sure they never want to stop! 

What is Prodigy Math Game? 

First things first: what exactly is Prodigy? 

Our definition? It’s the free online math platform that makes learning fun!

Two children sitting at a table, excitedly playing a game on a tablet device.

For kids, Prodigy is a fun video game that lets them explore virtual worlds, complete quests and battle friends to win exciting rewards. 

For Educators, it’s a useful tool that helps them reinforce math lessons and support students’ learning differences. 

And for parents like you, it’s an easy way to encourage your child to learn independently in a positive way. As they play, you’ll get data on their progress to better support them.

Prodigy is web-based, so kids can play through a web browser or app in school, at home, or even on vacation!

It’s also:

  • Engaging — The game makes learning fun, so they never want to stop!
  • Motivating  — It helps kids build a growth mindset and boosts their confidence in math. 
  • Safe — You can trust Prodigy to help your child learn and grow, while knowing the platform is safe and secure. 

A glimpse of the Prodigy Math Game world and a sample math question a kid could receive while playing.

The Game

Prodigy is a Role Playing Game (RPG). This means each player creates a character that represents them as they explore the Prodigy world and start their online adventure. 

These characters, or wizards, embark on a unique journey, taking players from level 1 all the way up to level 100! The higher the level, the more powerful they become. As kids invest more time into Prodigy, their wizards get stronger, collect more items and unlock more zones! 

Kids can explore multiplayer worlds where they’ll (safely) interact with other characters and players, choosing from pre-defined sentences so users can’t send out personal information.

In-game footage inside a multiplayer Prodigy world

Each player’s journey is different, but follows the same storyline: 

You are a new student of the Academy and on your first day, the Puppet Master strikes. The Puppet Master wants to take over Prodigy Island and attacks the Academy to prevent student wizards like you from learning. The Puppet Master sends the five elemental keystones scattered across the Island. It’s up to you to find the five keystones, return them to the Academy, and defeat the Puppet Master to save the world!
In-game image of Noot, a character in Prodigy Math Game, telling the player: "You're going to be late for your first day of classes at the Academy!"

The Math 

In Prodigy, math is the magic that helps you win!

Prodigy Math Game features more than 50,000 math questions from 1st-8th grade.

Each question players answer correctly grants them a spell to cast during the battle and defeat their opponent, whether it’s a monster or another character. Winning battles boosts player stats, earning them hearts and other rewards!

Example of a math question featured in Prodigy Math Game

All educational content is free for every student, so kids are always learning while they play. The game itself provides a great brain break, while the math questions help them learn more.

The exact questions your child sees in-game are aligned with their grade level and curriculum, to match what they’re learning in school! Prodigy’s adaptive algorithm also provides questions based on their individual progress and learning needs, to ensure they’re never frustrated or bored. 

Math questions include Instructional Video Lessons to support students when they need extra help in the game! 

And while kids play, they’ll also collect fun badges that represent the math skills they master!

In-game image of Badges menu for players.

How do you play Prodigy Math Game? 

Is your child eager to get playing? Here’s how to help them log in!

1. Go to the Prodigy login page. If your child has an account already, select Log In. If not, select Sign up.  

2. When signing up, enter their first name and last initial, and choose a password they’ll be able to remember. Then click Sign up. 

3. You’ll see your unique username and password. Write them both down and keep them in a safe place, then select Done

4. If your child is attached to a teacher account, enter their class code when prompted. If not, select I don’t have a class code. 

5. Follow the prompts and let your child start creating their character! 

Sign your child up for free!

Did your child forget their login information? Here’s how to retrieve it

Once your child has their account, create your own parent account to get detailed insights on their progress and goals. 

Sign up for free now!

From there, you can set Goals outlining the number of questions you want them to answer. Once they complete their Goal, send them a fun in-game Reward to celebrate their hard work! 

The game screen your child sees when you send them an in-game reward

Psst: With a Premium Membership, you get exclusive access to extra features that can help you support your child even more

Playing at school vs. at home

Whenever your child logs in, they’ll be prompted to select whether they’re playing from school or from home. 

Players' screen asking them to select whether they're playing from school or home.

If they choose to play from school, they’ll be matched up with their classmates, and won’t have to choose a specific world to play in. 

Playing at school also means kids won’t be able to access certain areas, like Dyno Dig Oasis, Lamplight Town and the House, or certain in-game events like Pumpkinfest and Winterfest. This helps ensure your child spends as much time as possible working through math concepts during school! But if something isn’t showing up for your child, try selecting From Home instead. 

When a player chooses to play from home, they’ll be prompted to select a multiplayer world when they log in. They can also choose the same world as their friends and play Prodigy together! 

The basics — characters, buddies, quests and more!

Now that your child is all set up, here are some of the exciting things they’ll see when they log in! 

Custom characters

Every player creates a unique character to represent them as they play. Each character has their own name, appearance, items and skills. As your child plays more Prodigy and their character grows, they’ll build new skills and collect new items!

Plus, every player can customize their character’s equipment to suit their unique style.

Prodigy Math Game's character design screen


Math wizards just wouldn’t be the same without their loyal best buddies! 🐾

Buddies are small pets that stick by each character’s side as they explore the Prodigy world. 

Players can only choose one buddy at a time to join them on their journey, but they can always view and choose different ones from their backpacks after purchasing them from Pet Stores in the Prodigy world.

Look out for exclusive buddies during seasonal festivals and events!  

Prodigy Island

Ready for the adventure to begin? It’s time to explore Prodigy Island

After players log in to Prodigy, they can choose a specific area of the map to explore. 

Each zone is home to unique stories and quests to complete. Your child will enjoy a different adventure every time they play!

The Prodigy world is made up of five elemental zones. Each zone represents a different element:

  1. Fire 🔥— Ex. Bonfire Spire
  2. Water 🌊— Ex. Shipwreck Shore
  3. Earth 🌱— Ex. Firefly Forest
  4. Storm ⚡— Ex. Skywatch 
  5. Ice ❄️ — Ex. Shiverchill Mountains

Psst: look out for two other elements: Astral and Shadow. These elements are learned as your child plays the game!

Some areas of the map must be unlocked. For example, Harmony Island is only available when players reach level 20. And the Dark Tower is only available for Premium Members

The Prodigy world map


After a long day of exploring, battling monsters and catching pets, every wizard needs a comforting place to relax.

Luckily, every player can design their own house and invite friends to visit!

Quests and mini games

As wizards explore the Prodigy world, they encounter different quests: missions that can earn them rewards and help them progress through the game. 

Quests may involve:

  • Collecting a certain item
  • Going to a specific place
  • Using their collected items
  • Defeating a certain monster

Each elemental zone also has its own questline for players to complete. When they do, they’ll be awarded the most powerful spells in that element! 

Players can also enjoy fun and quick mini games, like the Dyno Dig!  🦖 🦕

In-game rewards and items 

With every monster defeated and challenges completed, players collect special items to help them in future math battles. These include outfits, wands, gems and more! 

Psst: special events and festivals include their own limited edition items to collect!

Examples of special items found in Prodigy's annual Starlight Festival

Different items give your child’s character certain heart and spell power bonuses

And if your child is a Premium Member, they get access to exclusive items that motivate and reward them even more!

New releases

We’re always working to keep Prodigy as engaging as possible with new events, updates and releases. 

Even if your child has played Prodigy a thousand times, there will always be more to look forward to! Here are just a few of our recent updates: 

  1. Harmony Island
  2. Crystal caverns
  3. This year’s must-see Prodigy updates

Prodigy pets 

Much like in the real world, pets are a beloved favorite among math wizards everywhere! 

Whenever a math wizard battles a monster in Prodigy, they also have a chance to rescue it as their own pet.

The beginning of a battle against TripTrop, a Prodigy pet.

Prodigy pets are similar to buddies. But while buddies don’t affect players’ abilities, pets are an important helper in math battles.

The pet team

Players select which pets will be part of their team for upcoming battles. To do this, select the paw icon from the bottom toolbar and open the My Pet Team menu. 

But choose carefully — each pet has its own special skills and strengths! 

The Pet menu in Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy pets list  

Each pet has its own personality and statistics, and represents a specific element in the game.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Luminex — A powerful pal with a fearsome howl and giant paws. ⚡
  • Ashlet — A fiery feathered friend and one of our most popular pets. 🔥
  • Squibble — The gem on this aquatic pet’s head is known to be good luck. 🌊
Image of Squibble, one of Prodigy Math Game's pets.

Elemental advantages

Elemental advantages are the best way to collect more pets — and fast! 

During a pet battle, players see whether a spell is strong, normal or weak against a specific element type. If they choose the strongest spell against the element of the pet they battle, they'll weaken the pet to collect it faster.

Special features 

Prodigy couldn’t get any more fun… could it?

Check out some of our features that keep players extra entertained! 

The Bounty Board

The daily Bounty Board introduces a new quest every single day. The daily challenge also motivates players to get into the habit of daily math practice. Bonus! 

Wizard Watch 

Prodigy features a (safe and secure) social feed so wizards can share their accomplishments, see their friends’ updates and get important news right away! 

Player vs. Player (PvP) Battles

Prodigy is even more fun with friends! The PvP feature lets kids choose the same world as their friends and challenge them to battles. 

The Dark tower

This members-only zone features a 100-story tower, each with its own opponents and rewards. There’s a long way to climb and so many mysteries to uncover! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

If your child has been asking you a lot about Prodigy lately, there’s a good chance it’s related to one of these common player questions. 

Photo of father sitting with his son while using a digital tablet

1. How do I place all the keystones in the Academy?

The placement of the final warden keystones are designed for future releases of the Academy that are yet to come. This is why players can’t currently place all keystones in the Academy and proceed to the other levels. 

We’re always adding new features and updates, so stay tuned for more in the future!

2. What do I do when I reach level 100? 

Reaching level 100 doesn’t mean the game is over! There are always more areas of Prodigy Island to explore, more quests to complete and new releases to look forward to. 

Has your child finished 100% of their math curriculum? No worries — the algorithm will simply repeat math questions they haven’t seen in a while to refresh their skills. 

3. How do I keep track of my friends in Prodigy? 

Use the Friends List and Classmates List found in your bottom toolbar. Here’s how to manage your Friends List and respond to friend requests.

4. How do I get potions and morph marbles?

Premium Members can get potions and Morph Marbles from Scientist Slimerella in Lamplight Town.

More questions about Prodigy Math Game? 

Here are a few options to help you: 

What are Premium Memberships?

Prodigy Math Game is loaded with fun adventures for every player! 

But Premium Members can have twice as much fun and practice math for twice as long! 

Plus, Premium Memberships are great for kids and parents. You'll get extra parent tools to support their learning with ease.

Row of three icons that represent some of the extra features Premium Member parents get: Classroom Learning, Practice Areas and Practice Sheets.

While they get: 

  • 🎁 Extra fun rewards — These special in-game items motivate kids even more.
  • 🐾 More pets — While non-members are limited to 10 pets, Premium Members get 100 and get to evolve each one.
  • 🗺️ Access to all game areas — Members get to explore the entire Prodigy map and practice more math while they're at it.
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