[Free Download!] Weekly Activity Calendar to Help Kids Learn from Home

Recent school closures mean kids will be spending much more time at home. As a parent, it can be stressful trying to keep your child occupied and learning from home in this unique situation.

That’s why at Prodigy, we’re here to support you, week-to-week, while you and your family work and learn from home

Download and print our helpful resource below, created by our very own Prodigy teachers!

Prodigy’s Calendar of Activities

Our Prodigy teachers work hard to create in-game math questions. But as teachers and parents during this time, they want to help moms and dads, too.

We created a learn from home schedule, arming you with activities for the whole week to keep your child engaged and help them learn — all while having fun!  

Every day, you’re given one activity from each of the following categories: 

  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Physical 
  • Social and emotional 

This provides plenty of variety in different subjects for your child to practice, ensuring they’re building important skills without getting bored

Download Prodigy’s weekly calendar of activities like the one above!

Download the calendar now to use with your child this week!

Download now! (Mar 30 – Apr 3)

Download previous weekly activity calendars:
Mar 23 – Mar 27

If you enjoy this week’s calendar and find it helpful, let us know in the comments below — we’d love to keep making them every week for you.

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Laney Kennedy

Laney is a Content Writer at Prodigy. She's passionate about education, literature, and looking at pictures of corgis on the internet!

30 thoughts on “[Free Download!] Weekly Activity Calendar to Help Kids Learn from Home

  1. This is awesome – thank you so much!! We’re going to use this starting now. We are grateful to you guys for developing this.

  2. This looks amazing, I love how this calendar will work for my 8 and 5 year old. Thank you, and yes that would be awesome to see more

  3. This is totally awesome. It’s the most useful home schooling resource I’ve come across for my family right now! My son loves it particularly because it’s from you guys. Thank you!

  4. I cannot get the page to print correctly. The green monster character in the background is printing as a large black rectangle. I am losing 9 boxes of text (e.g. Tuesday’s literacy box is half black, Physical and Social & Emotional are entirely black). I have tried printing directly off the website, as well as saving as a PDF and printing that version. Neither work. Maybe just make a chart without graphics in the background?

    1. Hi Reba, thank you so much for bringing up this issue. In our next version(s), we’ve addressed it and you’ll be able to print — in black and white or color — with no issues.

  5. This is just what I need to help my elementary aged children. As a high school teacher trying to balance teaching my physics and chemistry classes, this is perfect for keeping my own children focused.

  6. Unfortunately, this prints out with a giant black square with the prodigy monster in it so you cannot read the bottom three rows, only the 1st one for numeracy is legible.

    1. Hi Ashley, thank you so much for letting us know — we apologize. In our next version(s), we’ve addressed this issue and you’ll be able to print with full visibility — in black and white or color.

    1. Hi Jill, thanks for bringing this to our attention. In our next version(s), we’ve addressed it and you’ll be able to print — in black and white or color — without the dark background. Sorry about that!

  7. Please keep these weekly activities coming. They are a great resource and welcomed addition to include with my current activities.

  8. My 4th graders love Prodigy time at school. These are great ideas. We are a rural district and students have limited home internet access. Only 4 of my 20 students have access to Prodigy at home. I can print these and send them home with our virtual school packets each week. Thanks so much!

  9. Yes, I love the weekly calendars.

    Please continue to send them to us every week if possible.

    Thanks for sharing!

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