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Discover a quest together with Prodigy

Support your child’s learning journey with a free parent account or motivate them to learn more math with a Membership. Let your quest begin!

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With Prodigy Math Game kids don’t have to choose between homework time and playtime

It’s fun to build new math skills with our curriculum-aligned game, used by over 150 million 1st to 8th grade students – and their teachers – worldwide.

Child playing Prodigy while dad watches.
  • They’ll practice while playing. Your child will enjoy practicing math at home while they explore a fantasy world packed with action and adventure.

  • We’ll support them where they are. Prodigy Math Game’s adaptive algorithm matches your child’s learning style and grade level.

  • Stay safe and private. We keep your child’s data safe. Players communicate through pre-written messages, and we’ll never share personal information.

  • Always accessible. All in-game math content is free for students and schools. 

Learn. Grow. Repeat.

Prodigy makes learning so fun, your child will never want to stop! Inspire them to embark on their learning journey and find new ways to grow, wherever they are.

Start their journey

Take learning to the next level with a Membership

Premium Members spend more time playing, answer more questions and master more math skills

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  • Your child will unlock in-game benefits like exclusive pets, accessories and rewards. This makes Prodigy Math Game even more fun, motivating them to play and learn more!

  • When your child spends more time in-game, they get more math practice and more learning opportunities.

  • Find the option that works best for your whole family. Flexible pricing starts at only $6.25 per month, with discounts available for multiple children.

Make math fun with a Membership

Support your child with your own parent account

Join more than 8 million parents using their accounts to stay in the loop about their children’s learning.

What parents can see on the dashboard related to their child's progress

Instantly understand your child’s progress

  • Learn where they excel and where they need more practice with your Curriculum Progress reports and monthly report cards. 
  • Find helpful insights in your parent account or get them sent right to your inbox.
Parents can use this screen in the Parent app to set rewards

Easily encourage and reward learning

  • Make homework a breeze — support your child using the powerful tools in your parent account.
  • Set Goals for your child, then send in-game Rewards once they achieve them.
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Here's what research has shown

The results. Year-over-year change in CAASPP scores was 5x greater for students with high Prodigy Math Game use.

More students, when using Prodigy Math Game, reach the “pass” standard for their grade level.

More students reach the highest levels of achievement for their grade.

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Need extra help? Try 1-on-1 Prodigy Tutoring

Our certified math tutors use a flexible tutoring approach to support their students.

A child interacts with their Prodigy online math tutor through their laptop
  • Our math tutors are experienced, certified math teachers.

  • Your child and their tutor work through problems together in our online, interactive classroom.

  • After your free 30-minute starting session, schedule as many sessions as you’d like starting at $30 USD each — $24 USD each if you purchase three or more sessions.

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What do other parents think?

"My boys love to play Prodigy. It's fun and challenging at the same time. My kindergartner is working at a 1st grade level and is doing great! Definitely recommend this to all parents!!"

Heather E.

Prodigy parent

"My daughter loves playing this game! It's very engaging and helps review her math skills in a fun way!"

Liz D.

Prodigy parent

"My daughter had little patience for math, and lacked motivation to think and solve problems. This game gives her the motivation."

Bryan H.

Prodigy parent

A daughter and her father laugh while playing on a tablet.

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