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15 Essential Online Tutoring Services for Your Child

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After a full year of learning at home, most parents need all the support they can get to manage their child's educational needs in an easy, effective way.

Online tutoring services are a great back-up resource to enhance your child's learning. At the same time, they provide support to parents who face countless challenges, especially while working from home.

But how do you know which online tutoring service suits your child's needs best?

Parents like you have many factors to consider, including:

  • Pricing
  • Your child's educational goals
  • Their current school curriculum
  • How to fit online tutoring into your family’s schedule.

Below, you’ll find a complete list of free or low-cost online tutoring services that give parents a range of wonderful options to choose from.

15 of the best online tutoring services

1. Chegg

Cost: $14.95 USD monthly; cancel anytime.

Chegg logo

Chegg Tutors is one of the top online tutoring websites for students. Their services are recommended for their flexibility, low rates, accessibility and guidance on a variety of subjects.

Chegg's tutors offer a wealth of education opportunities courtesy of video walkthroughs, practice tests to aid in problem-solving and answers to questions within 30 minutes. They're staffed with experienced teachers and tutors who hold degrees from top universities.

To get started, Chegg asks students about their specific needs to connect them with the right tutor. They also encourage parents to speak with tutors ahead of time to ensure they're the right fit for their child.

All lessons take place in a live online setting with high-quality audio, video and chat capability.


Cost: From $39.99 USD for 1 hour per month up to $115 for 3 hours. Students from U.S. military families learn for free! logo was previously acquired by The Princeton Review and remains one of the best tutoring services online. Help is one click away for your child's SAT, ACT and GED preparation needs.

If your child struggles with math, science, English, social sciences or other subjects, has you covered. This impressive website boasts help coverage for an astounding 200 subjects from K - 12.

3. Khan Academy

Cost: Free.

Khan Academy logo

Khan Academy is a trusted not-for-profit organization offering kids a vast library of 3,000+ videos across a broad range of subjects. 

The goal is to help kids develop a better understanding of the topics they find complicated. Kids receive quick feedback to monitor and step up their improvement.

Parents or teachers may also wish to help students receive personalized learning through tailored instruction from Khan Academy.

4. Learn To Be

Cost: Free, or pay what you can.

Learn To Be logo

The Learn To Be Foundation is a great nonprofit that helps low-income families support their child's studies through online tutoring via digital classrooms. 

Since 2012, Learn To Be offers kids from kindergarten to 12th grade the educational support they need through one-on-one help.

5. Skooli

Cost: $0.82 USD per minute, pay as you go.

Skooli logo

In our digital world, online safety is top of mind for parents. Thankfully, Skooli conducts criminal checks and vets licensed teachers to ensure your child's safety. 

Skooli offers personalized instruction where tutors and students can see each other and speak through clear audio. They're able to share homework, diagrams and tests. Your child can also replay the tutoring sessions whenever they want! 

All tutoring sessions are available for elementary to high school kids experiencing difficulty in complex mathematics, English, science and business.

6. Mathnasium

Cost: Varies by zip code, ranging from $200 - $300 USD per program.

Mathnasium logo

Mathnasium devotes tutoring to students who struggle with math. 

Their programs help kids from elementary to high school ages. Their curriculum includes homework and test help combined with evaluations to track students' progress.

7. Preply

Cost: Varies, based on tutor and frequency of lessons.

Preply logo

If your child is eager to become fluent in a new language, Preply offers fantastic tutoring opportunities.

Get your kids excited to learn English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Japanese — to name a few. Not only will they learn to speak the language, they’ll also become familiar with the culture through language experts!

8. TutorEye

Cost: $0.5 USD per minute or $15 for 30 minutes on a pay-as-you-go plan, plus subscription plans to suit every budget.

TutorEye logo

TutorEye handpicks tutors to assure high quality instruction. Thanks to their 24/7 availability, students can easily ask for help at any time.

Kids learn through an interactive whiteboard and written help. Their terms include risk-free transactions and no long-term commitments.

For kids who need continuous help, subscription plans range in price from $49.99 to $299.99 with 20-40% discounts included.

9. eTutorWorld

Cost: plans range from $19 - $49 USD for 50-55 minute sessions.

eTutorWorld logo

Searching for affordable tutoring online that won't burn a hole through your pocketbook? Look no further than eTutorWorld.

At an affordable rate of $19 for one hour of instruction, students receive worksheets, printable handouts and practice tests. 

Kids learn at a comfortable pace suited to their learning style. Plus, recorded sessions are available for up to 30 days, in case your child needs some reinforcement after their session!

10. TutorMe

Cost: From $69 USD per month for two hours up to $209 per month for eight hours, or $1 per minute pay as you go.

TutorMe logo

TutorMe has many advantages including highly trained tutors, a free trial, 24/7 availability, prompt access to tutors and archived lessons so students can refer to previous sessions. 

With over 300 subjects covered, TutorMe offers unparalleled help for elementary students.

11. Smarthinking

Cost: $35 USD per hour, or $125 for four hours.

Pearson logo

Smarthinking by Pearson is a one-stop shop, providing online tutoring or writing help for students from elementary school up to college-level in math, business, tech, Spanish and more!

For homeschooled students or students who learn full-time online, an innovative blended learning option allows kids to continue their studies without interruptions or delays.

Smarthinking also has resume help for young adults and parents transitioning between careers, making it the perfect choice for busy families looking for extra support.

12. Varsity Tutors

Cost: Request a quote to receive pricing.

Varsity Tutors logo

Over 40,000 quality instructors are fully vetted to ensure your child gets the best outcome for their educational requirements.

With Varsity Tutors, students receive personalized instruction through an online tutoring platform that prides itself on expert teaching for kindergarten up to 12th grade.

Does your child require prep for a test? Varsity Tutors has prep packages for ACT & SAT and GED classes — plus optional bootcamps!

13. Revolution Prep

Cost: Ranges from $199 USD for five hours of personalized tutoring, up to $1,398 for private tutoring. Group test preparation is available for $499 for 12 hours.

Revolution Prep logo

Revolution Prep is the go-to place for your child's SAT or ACT exam preparation. Not only do they offer online tutoring, they also provide preparation videos on-demand and homework help in several subjects.

Guidance counseling is an extra benefit Revolution gives to parents and kids, to help with educational planning.

14. Special Ed Tutoring

Cost: Set up a no-cost consultation call to request pricing.

Special Ed Tutoring logo

For students with special needs, this site is a useful and fun virtual learning experience. 

SpecialEd has programs for homework help, enhanced learning and homeschooled tutoring. Each program caters to individual learning needs, courtesy of an interactive video platform.

Many tutors have advanced degrees in Special Education, to ensure the success of each student. 

15. StudyPug

Cost: $30 USD per month, with other plans available..

Studypug tutoring.

Studypug is an online math tutoring service popular with students in middle to high school and provides curriculum coverage across many English-speaking countries.

This service is an app, making it ideal if you need some tutoring help on the go!

Advantages of using an online tutoring service

Why is online tutoring a great option for your child? 

Here are some of the biggest incentives for adding online tutoring to your household routine:

1. Convenience 

As more parents work from home during the pandemic, it makes perfect sense to choose an online tutoring platform. Your kids stay safe while continuing to learn and grow.

2. Saving time and money

Now that kids are adapting to digital learning, parents save the time they spend driving their children to school or in-person tutoring. In addition, digital tutoring offers great money-saving solutions that fit a family's tight budget.

3. Accessibility

Many online tutoring platforms provide immediate attention when students need it the most, making it a great option for kids of all ages. The cool part is that on-demand videos and recorded sessions can be referenced as often as needed!

4. Online safety 

Parents can feel at ease knowing that their child is receiving top-notch instructions from a vetted online tutor. In addition, it's safer to meet online than in person while still being able to benefit from valuable tutoring. This means limited disruptions to your child's education, even during the pandemic.

How to select the right online tutor for your child

With so many online learning opportunities, making the right decision for your child’s educational needs can feel overwhelming.

Young girl sitting at a table, watching something on her tablet while writing on a piece of paper with headphones in.

Here’s what to look out for when searching for an online tutor: 

1. Background checks

Does the tutoring company vet their tutors? If they don't conduct criminal background checks, it's time to move on to another company. Online safety should be a top priority. 

2. Quality of instruction

How experienced are the tutors? What subjects do they teach?

Knowing this information puts parents in a stronger position when choosing an excellent tutor for their kids.

3. Technology

What kind of technology does the platform use?

Does the tutoring company offer interactive video conferencing-style platforms with high-quality audio? The last thing a parent wants is for their child to miss important information due to inferior technology.

4. Longevity and reputation

Search for quality tutoring that is reputable and has positive online reviews. The better the company, the more your child benefits!

Get started with an online tutoring service today

One of the best advantages parents have today is the internet. And with all the changes that have occurred in the past year, it makes perfect sense for parents to choose an online tutor to support their kids. 

When you hire an experienced tutor for homework help (and more!) you’ll get more time to focus on other priorities, all while feeling confident that your child’s education is covered! Use the list above to find the perfect tutoring service for your family.

Tutoring is a very helpful tool — but it isn't the only option. Want to make learning and building new skills extra fun for your child? Prodigy's online Math and English games are your answer!

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