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Prodigy Meets Clever: How and Why to Get Started Today

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Is Prodigy Clever supported? Yes it is.


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A single sign-on (SSO) tool that saves you time, is easy to use and helps with remote instruction?

You asked, we answered! Teachers in the United States can now add Prodigy to their list of educational apps in Clever.

What the Clever-Prodigy integration means for you

Need a refresher? Clever is a secure pipeline between your district's data and the educational apps that you and your students use.

It saves you time

An animated male teacher creating his first Prodigy Classroom with Clever.

Did you know that, on average, teachers spend 15 minutes out of every hour making sure students can log in?

Now, logging in to Prodigy with Clever means you only need to remember one set of credentials!

Clever SSO eliminates the need to remember various usernames and passwords, which means your students can focus on learning and you can reclaim valuable instruction time.

It’s easy to use

Two animated students excited to use Prodigy with Clever.

Teachers like you can get their students started on Prodigy quickly and easily.

Clever says it best: “Students and teachers can open their devices, sign into the Clever Portal, and click on their connected applications to automatically access the online learning program!”

There are two ways you can sign up or log in to Prodigy with Clever:

1. Sign up with Clever on Prodigy's website

Sign up with Clever on Prodigy's website.

2. Install Prodigy through the Clever Library

Screenshot of where to find the Clever Library.

Once logged in to your Clever Homeroom, click “Library” in the top menu. Next, browse for Prodigy and click “Try it out.”

No matter what you choose, simply follow the prompts.

It helps with remote instruction

An animated female teacher syncing her Prodigy Classrooms with Clever.

The ability to use Prodigy with Clever simplifies the login process -- something that’s especially helpful while you teach from home and your students learn from home.

Adding Prodigy to your list of learning tools allows your students to log in with the same username and password they have for every other app they use on Clever.

When students (and parents!) can seamlessly access important educational resources like Prodigy Math Game from home, remote learning becomes easier and more effective.

Clever has even put together a quick start Learning at Home Resource Hub for teachers and district admins.

Install Prodigy Math Game in the Clever Library today

To recap, our Clever integration is:

  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving
  • Helpful for remote learning

So, let's get started.

Install Prodigy today

Teachers like you love that Prodigy now supports Clever

Here's what they're saying:

It is rare to find an educational game that is so well loved by SO many students. The best part is it is FREE. Prodigy meets students at their level and helps to enrich and extend what they already know. Students are not aware of the content being reviewed with the other players so the students can work without worrying about being self conscious. Teachers have the ability to assign and assess students on standards, tests, and their own teacher created assignments. Students love the ability to customize their characters, house, and love owning pets. Parents love being able to sign up and receiving reports on the progress their child is making. The game is a WIN for all.
Kids and teachers love this FREE math program. On the teacher end, it lets you personalize practice and assign it to students as a group or individually. It provides lot of reports on their progress, usage, and mastery of standards. For kids, they can battle each other, collect coins and pets, change outfits, discover many different worlds and participate in challenges. Easy to sign up and navigate. My kids love being able to practice skills in a game format. We have seen good growth. They are always sad when their time is up, so I always remind them they can play at home, too, and they actually do, so that says something. All around, a wonderful program!
Prodigy is a great tool to engage students while at the same time they practice math skills. I love to use it early in the morning while we wait for everyone to have breakfast or right after covering a particular topic for them to practice. They also love it as a reward activity. It provides reports and you are able to assign particular activities and monitor progress. It is just great!
Where to start? Prodigy is an incredible FREE curriculum-aligned math application that will change your classroom in amazing ways. My students love Prodigy and beg to play it every day. They get so excited when it is a choice during learning that day. The results to my math grades and their understanding has been phenomenal. To them it is just a game. However they are learn more than they ever knew and practice skills they need to work on. I love it as a teacher because I can assign standards to them and let them play. I don't have to worry about if we are wasting time or if we are off task. They are always on task and loving learning while they are playing.. We use at home too for homework or extra practice. As a parent I have seen how great this works too with my own kids.
Add Prodigy to your Clever Classroom

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our Clever-Prodigy integration.

  1. If teachers add Prodigy to their Clever account, what happens to the data in their current Prodigy classroom(s)?
    Teachers with a pre-existing Prodigy account will be able to merge current Prodigy classroom(s) with their Clever classes.
  2. Will my students need to create a new Prodigy account using their Clever credentials?
    Yes, students will have to create new accounts. However, old accounts will not be deleted and they will still have the option to log in to them and play.
  3. Why should teachers use Clever instead of continuing to log in with Prodigy?
    For every hour of computer time, the average teacher spends 15 minutes making sure students can log in. Clever helps teachers save time and create an easier login experience for their students. With Clever, teachers and students don’t have to remember login credentials because they can easily integrate Prodigy with the other digital resources they access via Clever.
  4. How does signing up or logging in with Clever work for students?
    There are two ways students can sign up or log in to Prodigy with Clever:

    1) Teachers tell their students to open Clever. Students go to their Clever dashboard and select “Prodigy”.

    2) Students visit Prodigy’s login page and click the Clever button to sign up or log in.

    When a student joins or leaves a teacher’s class, that teacher will have to click the “Sync with Clever” button in their Prodigy account to update their class roster.

Still have questions? Check out all Clever-Prodigy FAQs on Zendesk.