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Make math an exciting adventure

Adaptive math practice meets engaging game-based learning with Prodigy Math. As students explore an exciting fantasy world, parents and teachers can support their learning and make it more effective than ever.

Grades 1 to 8. Aligned to your curriculum. Free educational content.

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There's lots to explore in the world of Prodigy Math, and behind every adventure is curriculum-aligned math practice.

With new challenges around every corner, students must answer adaptive math questions to win battles and complete quests.

Prodigy Math Shipwreck Shore icon.

Explore an ever-expanding world filled with new adventures

Prodigy Math treasure chest icon.

Complete daily and seasonal quests to earn epic items and rewards

Prodigy Math multiplication badge icon.

Answer math questions to win battles and make your mark on the Prodigy world

Prodigy Math world map overview.
Prodigy Math wizard avatar.

Play with friends in a safe and secure online environment

Prodigy Math pet icon.

Rescue over 100 unique pets and add them to your team

Prodigy Math badge icon.

Learn at the right level with an adaptive algorithm that delivers effective practice

See the Prodigy Math journey for yourself

Teachers, spend more time teaching and less time grading

Assessments icon with purple circle.


Prep for standardized tests, deliver adaptive skill practice or test students on a new skill — all while they play.

Reports icon with green circle.


Use one of many reports to get real-time insights into student performance, learning gaps and usage.

Progress chart icon with pink circle.

Placement Test

Twice a year, get a snapshot of student progress and areas for improvement without the stress of a regular test.

Focus Mode icon with yellow circle.

Focus Mode

Adjust Prodigy to your teaching style, increase time on task and introduce students to more ways to play.

Parents, say goodbye to homework hassles

Parent dashboard icon with hot pink circle.

Parent dashboard

See your child's recent Prodigy activity and any assessments from their teacher.

Computer icon with yellow circle.

Monthly reports

Get a report card delivered straight to your inbox every month — before the parent-teacher conference.

Clipboard icon with orange circle.

Curriculum progress

Make sure your child is on track and covering all the right skills as they learn throughout the year.

Membership chest with purple circle.

Membership features

Level up with an optional Membership to access more tools for learning and motivation.

One dashboard. Two subjects.

Get access to all of Prodigy's tools and insights for Prodigy Math and Prodigy English when you sign up for one account.

Prodigy English

Inspire kids to create their own unique world with this brand-new life simulation game.

Aligned to Common Core reading and language standards for 1st to 6th grade, every question answered gives players more energy to gather resources, complete goals and stay creative.

Prodigy Game Portal Warp

Dive deep into the world of Prodigy Math

Visit the Prodigy Math Game Portal to be the first to hear about Prodigy Math updates, including lore videos, featured pets and more. What will you discover?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prodigy Game FAQ

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