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Boost Summer Learning with the Prodigy Summer Question Quest!

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Teachers, tell your students to get excited for the Prodigy Summer Question Quest!

This summer, we’re on a mission to keep learning. That’s why we’re challenging all our Prodigy wizards to work together and answer a grand total of 500 million questions before they go back to school! 

We know your students are up to the task. And between us, rumor has it that there’s a very special in-game reward waiting for them at the end if they succeed.

Plus, there’s a reward for you: students keep their math skills sharp over summer break and are ready to keep learning once they’re back in the classroom. (Buh-bye, summer slide! 👋)

Get your students involved to prevent learning loss

You know that when it comes to math class, many students forget key skills over the summer. 

According to a study from the NWEA, students can lose up to two weeks of learning gains in a regular year. Because of COVID-19-related school closures, the same study is predicting that children may return with less than 50% of the learning gains they made the year before.

But with the Prodigy Question Quest, you can make sure students have an amazing summer all while retaining the skills they need to know! 

It couldn’t be more simple: share this news with your students! Encourage them to keep playing even after school’s out, and make sure they know that there’s a reward waiting for them after the challenge ends on August 31st. 

Want to send your students a quick message to encourage them to play during the summer? We wrote one for you! All you have to do is copy and paste:

Hi class! Our friends at Prodigy wanted me to let you know that starting NOW you can join the Prodigy Summer Question Quest with other wizards around the world! The goal is to answer 500 million questions by August 31, 2020. (Plus, they told me that if you all work together and complete the quest, you'll get a special loot drop! 🎁

Plus, there are other ways you can make sure your students stay motivated to learn:

1. Connect with parents

Parents are your greatest allies when it comes to keeping students’ math skills sharp.

Encourage them to log on to their Prodigy accounts and motivate their child’s math learning over the summer!

There are two ways you can do it:

  • Send parents Prodigy invites straight from your teacher account (NEW!) Select Students from your teacher dashboard and click Invite parents. Enter the email address of the parents you want to invite and click Send invitesFor more details on how to invite parents to Prodigy straight from your teacher dashboard, read this!
  • Download and print parent letters from your teacher dashboard. Select Students from your teacher dashboard and click Get parent letters. Download personalized letters with each student's login info and send them to parents!
Invite parents to Prodigy today!

2. Use your Assessments tool

Students can play Prodigy on their own all summer and let the adaptive algorithm do its work. But why not level up their summer learning by creating a Plan or an Assignment?

  • Create a Plan to help your whole class practice a specific skill for a set amount of time. They’ll work through the skill, dropping down to prerequisites as necessary and advancing when they do well. Just be sure to mix it up so students aren’t getting the same type of questions all summer! 
  • Create an Assignment to target individual student needs with a set amount of questions. Assign specific skills to an individual student or a group, and watch their math progress soar! 

Students will have no idea they’re doing summer homework. To them, it’s all part of an engaging summer activity!

The best part? You can schedule all your assessments for the entire summer ahead of time, so don’t worry if you’re too busy lounging by the pool to assign homework! 🏖️

Create an Assignment or Plan today!

Help your students complete their Summer Question Quest

We can’t do it without you, so be sure to connect with parents, create a Plan or an Assignment and tell students to keep playing! Together, we’ll be able to complete this quest and earn the reward. 

Have a great summer!

P.S. We’ll be sharing social media updates about your students’ progress on the quest. Follow along as Prodigy players around the world embark on the Summer Question Quest to answer 500 million questions! 👇