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Introducing: Prodigy English

You asked, and we heard you — our brand-new adventure, Prodigy English, is coming in Spring 2022. Early access for teachers and parents starts in January, so sign up now for the chance to get a first look!

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Teach and track

Deliver engaging, adaptive language arts content aligned to Common Core standards for grades 1 to 5. 

Track their progress with insights into activity and achievement, and motivate students to learn in a world of their own.

Learn and grow

As students craft a world that’s just for them, they’ll answer skill-building reading and language questions that help them gain the energy that powers their creativity. 

Filled with wishes and new adventures, Prodigy English gives students more ways to love their reading and writing journey.

Motivate and inspire

Encourage your child to learn in a world of their own imagination.

Watch their reading and writing skills grow through your parent dashboard as they explore and master new skills.

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More to learn. More to love.

Starting January 2022, we’re inviting your students to get early access to our brand-new Prodigy English adventure. 

Instead of answering questions to win battles, every correct answer gives students more energy. Players can use their energy to gather resources from an open world, craft items, earn coins and build their very own village. 

As they explore, they’ll encounter new characters and build foundational reading and writing skills. Early access spots are limited, so sign up today!

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See the magic of Prodigy English for yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get early access to Prodigy English

It’s time to explore a new adventure! Join the waitlist for the chance to get a first look.

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