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Power creativity with Prodigy English

Prodigy English is a whole new way for kids to develop reading and language skills. Join the adventure and start building a world of your own today!

1st to 6th grade. Free math and English educational content, created by teachers.

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Miles & Daisy from Prodigy Education look through a door into the Prodigy English world.

Engaging English skill practice for every learner

Learn. Gather. Build. Repeat.

Prodigy English resource icon.

Gather materials to help you build a unique world

Prodigy English tool icon.

Craft decorations using gathered materials and new recipes

Prodigy English energy icon.

Answer questions to restore energy and spend more time creating

Prodigy English characters stand around a house.
Prodigy buy and sell icon.

Buy and sell outfits, materials and recipes

Prodigy English wishcoin icon.

Complete lifetime or daily goals for more chances to learn

Prodigy English prize icon.

Redeem Wishcoin for unique prizes and boosts

See the magic of Prodigy English

Save more time with free teacher tools

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Align in-game learning with your lessons in just a few clicks. As students play, they'll complete the assessment without knowing they're being graded.

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Spend less time grading and more time teaching. Real-time reports help you track student progress as they play and learn.

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Curriculum alignment

Prodigy English is aligned to Common Core reading and language standards for grades 1 to 6 — with more on the way!

One dashboard. Two subjects.

Get access to all of Prodigy's tools and insights for Prodigy English and Prodigy Math when you sign up for one account.

Prodigy Math

Epic adventures meet math practice in an adaptive math game for grades 1 to 8!

With the help of their wizard avatars and exciting pets, students must complete quests, win math battles and work to free their world from the Puppetmaster's control — all while practicing over 1,500 math skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

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