How to Make the Most of Pumpkinfest ’19 in Your Classroom

Teaching important math concepts to set students up for a successful year becomes much easier when they’re engaged with what they’re learning. 

Luckily, you can boost engagement during October with Pumpkinfest — Prodigy’s annual in-game fall festival!

This exclusive event begins Oct. 1, and lasts all month. Pumpkinfest has tons of fun features to entice players, which means you can ensure lots of curriculum-aligned math practice. 

Here’s how to make the most of Pumpkinfest 2019.

1. Get your students excited about Pumpkinfest 

Just remember:

More fun = more engagement = more math questions answered 

To get all that awesome engagement, remind students how much fun awaits them in the game!

Tell your class that during Pumpkinfest, they can: 

  • Visit Lamplight Town Square, which will be decorated with pumpkins galore!
  • Earn Candy Corn from wizard battles or rescuing pumpkins in Lamplight Town.
  • Use candy corn to purchase exclusive items at the event shop.
  • Meet Kandi Korn, the brand new character in charge of Pumpkinfest this year.

You can show them all the exciting items that are only available once a year:

Along with our Pumpkinfest preview video:

Plus, you can download and print our special Pumpkinfest masks for your students to wear!

Download them all here.

Your students will be so excited to play, they’ll be actively engaged and having fun while practicing core math skills!

After all, everyone knows a math wizard’s favorite food is… pumpkin pi.

2. Check your class Reports

Before Pumpkinfest begins, check your Student Comprehension and Progress Reports to see how students are performing in specific strands or domains. 

Your Reports will help you decide which areas to focus on while your class gets all that extra math practice.

3. Create Alignments during October 

Using the information from your Reports, you can create Alignments from your Assessments tool, such as Assignments or Plans, for the month of October. 

This guarantees that whenever students log in during Pumpkinfest, they’re working on the exact skills you want them to.

Setting Alignments during Pumpkinfest will let you reinforce in-class lessons, differentiate for various learning needs, and prepare for standardized tests — all while students stay motivated and engaged to do more math. Click to create alignment now!

“My students are very engaged and beg me to play Prodigy! They don’t know how much math they are doing! I have seen one of my lowest students at the beginning of the year start to shine in math because he was using Prodigy for at least 20 minutes every day.”

Kelli Gardner

1st Grade Teacher

Waseca Public Schools

You can keep the fun going all October. The more Pumpkinfest excitement there is, the more math practice your class will get.

And don’t forget to share the fun on social media with the hashtag #ProdigyPumpkinfest.

It’ll be a skele-fun time for everyone!

Laney Kennedy

Laney is a Content Writer at Prodigy. She's passionate about education, literature, and looking at pictures of corgis on the internet!

9 thoughts on “How to Make the Most of Pumpkinfest ’19 in Your Classroom

  1. My students love Pumpkinfest… however some of them can get into it and others cannot. They have the option to go, but when they click on it, it does not bring them in. Is there a reason for that?

    1. Hi Christina!

      If the student selects ‘At School’, they can’t enter Lamplight Town (where the festival is). Selecting ‘At Home’ allows them to enter the town and festival. Hope this helps!

  2. I am confused about if I should be doing the choosing in the above mentioned categories or should it be his teacher? I will not choose anything until I find out the best category and if I am supposed to choose it myself. Cameron is very excited and has already played and won 22 corns! I want to get him totally signed up as soon as possible. Thank you for a wonderful math teaching aid. Sincerely, Teresa Walker

  3. Can you ask the manager of prodigy to see if he/she can add a trading system so you can buy stuff on the game and and give them to other players by tapping on someone and going into backpack and giving them items and coins.

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