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Make learning fun, adaptive and insightful

There's no cost to you or your students and Prodigy is fully aligned with state standards for grades 1-8 math and grades 1-6 English.

Educators, get full access for free

97% of teachers are satisfied with the educational impact of Prodigy Math*

"In less than 12 months... I’ve got kids that have elevated two to three grade levels. That’s huge when you look at those kids who’ve grown three grade levels with everything that’s going on."

Stephen P.

5th Grade Teacher

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"Having access to Prodigy really helps supplement our math learning and tells me what areas of the curriculum I need to add more focus on. I think all teachers should use Prodigy if possible because it is an amazing learning tool."

Monique G.

6th Grade Teacher

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"My son actually begs me to let him play Prodigy."

Rainah P.


Prodigy parent, Rainah P.

*In one survey of teachers commissioned by Prodigy Education.

How Prodigy works

Boost engagement in your classroom with two captivating learning games.

Student watching game on tablet

Students play Prodigy games

In Prodigy Math, students are wizards engaged in epic math battles. In Prodigy English, students collect and harvest resources to build their very own world.

Correct answer on Prodigy Game

Students answer in-game questions

As they battle or build, students answer questions to progress. All question content is teacher-made and is delivered through our adaptive algorithm. 

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Teachers motivate & track learning

As they play, student data appears in your teacher dashboard, which will help empower you to better understand your students' needs and deliver assessments.

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Aligned to your curriculum

With over 1,500 teacher-made skills, Prodigy Math covers content from 1st to 8th grade. Prodigy English supports learning from 1st to 6th grade, with more skills on the way!

Level up learning with your free teacher portal

Use your teacher portal and its free features to deliver better student outcomes.

Set engaging assessments

Spot learning gaps with reports

Motivate and challenge students

What teachers have to say about Prodigy

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Level up your classroom with Prodigy

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