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Prodigy is the easiest way to create a love for math in your classroom.

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Seamlessly practice the math curriculum.

Our automatic placement test will place each child in their appropriate grade, and then progress them through the math curriculum at a pace that's right for them!

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Text-to-speech button for the in-game math question An example in-game math question: counting using a number line.

See how well your lesson was understood.

Prodigy allows you to assign diagnostic or summative assessments on exactly what you covered in class today, without your students ever knowing that they're being assessed! Say goodbye to marking quizzes and tests, forever!

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An example report showing progress through an in-game assignment.

Help your students where they really need it.

Everything your students work on is reported back to you in real time. Quickly see which standards your students have mastered, and where they might need some additional help.

Report containing a detailed list of skills students are struggling with.

See which skills your students are struggling with.

Our struggling skills report will allow you to give individual attention to students who need help with a particular skill.

Follow each student's progress through the curriculum.

Prodigy tells you exactly which standards/expectations each one of your students have covered so far, and where their gaps are.

Track the amount each student plays at home.

Prodigy is so engaging that the average student plays for 1.5 hours at home for every 1 hour you spend in class - that's 150% more math practice, voluntarily!

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Photo of Sue McCulloch.

I believe that students have improved their confidence in all areas of the math program. They are so excited to play and learn!

Sue McCulloch

3rd Grade Teacher

Northport Elementary School, ON