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Motivate your students with Prodigy

Set goals, give rewards and create challenges that’ll inspire teamwork and friendly competition among your students as they play Prodigy.

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Prodigy is free for teachers and schools

Engage, motivate and challenge your students

Use your teacher portal to set challenges and goals that’ll engage your class and motivate them to practice more questions.

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Classroom Goals & Rewards

Inspire your class to practice more skills and answer more questions with a Classroom Goal. When your class reaches their goal, you can gift them an in-game reward.

Available for Prodigy Math.

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Classroom Challenge

Inspire friendly competition in your class with a challenge to answer as many questions possible in a given period. Students who answer the most questions earn a certificate.

Available for Prodigy Math.

How Prodigy supports teachers and students

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Student engagement

Prodigy's game-based format turns assessments into exciting adventures, replacing test stress and anxiety with fun gameplay that inspires a love of learning.

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Made by teachers, Prodigy's educational content is aligned to your standards and covers skills from elementary to middle school grade levels.

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Free for teachers

Don't let classroom budgets hold you back. Prodigy is free for all teachers and schools, meaning no fees, no licences and no financial burden on educators.

Also included in your portal

With Prodigy's free teacher portal, you'll have access to a range of features designed to support your everyday instruction.

  • Reports that show you how your students are progressing through a topic, curriculum or assessment.

  • Assessments that let you test topic knowledge, student comprehension or prepare for standardized testing.

  • Co-teaching that lets you easily co-operate with other teachers in your school to access and support your class.

  • Classroom management tools that make it easy to connect your class, invite parents and refer other teachers for rewards.

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Engage your class in learning with Prodigy now!

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