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Create engaging assessments for your students

Deliver engaging assessments tailored to your lesson, curriculum and individual student needs – all while students have fun playing Prodigy. Complete with automatic grading and performance data insights!

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Effortlessly integrate differentiated assessments with stress-free, engaging gameplay

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Placement Test

During their few sessions of playing Prodigy Math, the Placement Test automatically runs to determine each student's baseline and growth areas, providing a stress-free, enjoyable experience for students.

Once complete, you'll get the Placement Test report in your teacher portal, filled with insights about each student's skills, grade, and where they stand in the curriculum.

Available for Prodigy Math.

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Ideal for diagnostic and summative assessments, Assignments let you easily assess your students’ knowledge on over 1000 standards-aligned skills in math and English. Set these skill-based assessments as in-class practice or even as homework.

Available for Prodigy Math and Prodigy English.

Standardized Test Preparation

Prepare your students for standardized testing with questions tailored to your students’ grade and your state's specific standards, including Common Core, TEKS and more! Simply select your standards and grade level, then let our adaptive algorithm automatically adjust in-game question content for you.

Available for Prodigy Math.


Powered by our adaptive algorithm, students work through skills within a selected expectation at their own pace and will drop back to pre-requisites when necessary.

Available for Prodigy Math.

How Prodigy supports teachers and schools

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Student engagement

Prodigy's game-based format turns assessments into exciting adventures, replacing test stress and anxiety with fun gameplay that inspires a love of learning.

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Made by teachers, Prodigy's educational content is aligned to your standards and covers skills seen in elementary and middle school grade levels.

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Free for teachers

Don't let classroom budgets hold you back. Prodigy is free for all teachers and schools, meaning no fees, no licences and no financial burden on educators.

Also included in your portal

With Prodigy's free teacher portal, you'll have access to a range of features designed to support your everyday instruction.

  • Reports that show you how your students are progressing through a topic, curriculum or assessment.

  • Co-teaching that lets you easily co-operate with other teachers in your school to access and support your class.

  • Classroom Goals that can motivate your class to practice more skills, with in-game classroom rewards included.

  • Classroom management tools that make it easy to connect your class, invite parents and refer other teachers for rewards.

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