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Premium Memberships

Inspire your child to love learning.
Support them along the way.

Make a difference in your child's education with a Premium Membership. Easily track learning progress and provide support exactly where they need it.

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Starting at $4.99/month

Premium Member

Benefits for parents

  • Practice Areas: Get insights to support them where it matters
  • Practice Sheets: playful printable curated question sets
  • Video Lessons: Level up learning at home with curated videos lessons
  • Classroom Learning: See what they’re learning in class with Prodigy
  • Advanced reporting and goals / More detailed dashboard
  • Access to upcoming premium features
  • Reward and motivate your child to keep learning

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Benefits for kids

  • 100+ pets, gear and accessories
  • Full access to all game areas
  • Extra in-game rewards and prizes
  • As always, access to all educational math content

Premium memberships automatically renew and can be cancelled at any time


What’s included for parents

  • Basic reporting and goals

What’s included for kids

  • Access to all educational math content
More for parents
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Join your child on their learning journey

Data you’ll want to see

Get the bigger picture. Easily see your child’s progress over time, whether they’re in class or at home.

Math they’ll want to do

Promote independent learning. Motivate your child with fun and engaging math practice.

No more guesswork

Support them where they need it. Instantly see your child’s strengths and needs to help them stay on track.

Boost their progress

  • More math skills mastered
  • More questions answered
  • More time spent learning

Learn. Grow. Repeat.

When learning is this fun, the journey never stops! Premium Memberships make math extra engaging, so your child will be eager to keep growing and turn playtime into learning time!

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Exclusive tools to support them with ease

Animated image showing child’s progress in different skill areas

Practice Areas

Get insights to support them where it matters

Get detailed insights to see how your child is advancing — without looking over their shoulder.

  • Find out exactly where they excel or struggle.

  • Get specific question examples for each concept.

Image of personalized practice sheets

Practice Sheets

Bring math learning back into the offline world

Overcome learning obstacles before they become problems with perfectly timed printables.

  • Take Prodigy offline and increase personalized math learning when they need a break from screens.

  • Pair math work with exclusive Prodigy art they can color in and you can display on the fridge.

Image of personalized practice sheets

Video Lessons

Level up learning at home with curated video lessons

See where your child is struggling and pull up the right lesson with one click.

  • Curated based on where your child is struggling.

  • Available for all of Common Core math curriculum.

  • Created by professional math instructors.

  • Available in-game: non-curated videos that guide your child through math problems.

Animated image showing child’s progress and results in classroom assessments

Classroom Learning

See what they’re learning in class with Prodigy

Stay connected to your child's classroom from anywhere and find out how their teacher uses Prodigy.

  • See past, present and future Prodigy homework assignments.

  • Get detailed classroom progress and homework results.

  • Over 2 million teachers use Prodigy to help their students love learning!

More parent features coming soon - stay tuned!

Their learning never stops. Be the difference today.

Buy more than one Membership today and save 25%!

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Starting at $4.99/month

Here's what parents and teachers are saying

"My daughter is excelling at the grade 2 material because she loves the game so much, and... I'm a little bit jealous. Where was Prodigy when we were kids!?!?!"

Sean G.


"I have seen a 45% increase in my standardized testing scores thanks to playing at least 25 minutes a day in Prodigy. The bulk of their Prodigy time is in the morning when their mind is still fresh for learning and it also helps them get settled in for the rest of the day's learning."

Clayton Carr

3rd Grade Teacher, Indiana

"I love that you have the curriculum but level them up when they can move on. Alex is in 3rd grade and takes 4th grade math at school and on Prodigy he's getting a mix of 4th and 5th grade math!"

Leslie P.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Prodigy — Kids have fun. Parents see results.

The parent account: Log into your free parent account to set goals, send rewards, and track learning progress.

A view of the game: children explore different worlds.

Math time: solving math challenges allows children to make progress in the game.

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Starting at $4.99/month