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Introducing Treasure Track: A Brand New Prodigy Math Adventure!

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Artwork showing a character from Prodigy Math, standing at the front of a ship, pointing towards a sign which reads 'Treasure Track'

Prodigy Education, leaders in game-based learning, today launched Treasure Track—a brand new math adventure where students go on exciting quests and unlock even more in-game rewards as they learn. 

Treasure Track begins with the appearance of a mysterious new traveler to the world of Prodigy Island. This colorful new visitor, Maomao, is searching for skillful math wizards to reward with treasure in return for unlocking puzzles and completing challenges—all while practicing standards-aligned math. 

With Treasure Track, students can take part in daily, monthly, and seasonal quests. Quests include winning math battles, capturing pets, casting spells, and much, much more. Students who complete quests will gain treasure points, allowing them to obtain exclusive in-game items including pets—and even some classic Mythical Epics!

And whether they’re a math wizard or just starting out, Prodigy makes sure the challenges are just right—keeping students engaged, but not frustrated (after all, Prodigy’s mission is to help EVERY student in the world love learning). 

“The only way you can advance through these new quests is by answering math questions, which is core to Prodigy’s battle system,” said Tiago Tex Pine, Product Owner at Prodigy Education. “Rewarding exploration of the game is a core part of this, so we can help players uncover places they’d maybe never gone before—which leads to more fun, more motivation, and more questions answered!” 

Play Prodigy Math now and make math fun AND educational with Treasure Track! Prodigy Math is available to play on the web, or on iOS and Android.