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Meet our Prodigies: Yuleidy Gonzàlez

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Meet Yuleidy Gonzàlez - Manager, Engineering I. Yuleidy joined Prodigy in February 2021. She is part of the MarTech team which bridges the marketing and technology teams at Prodigy.

Hey Yuleidy! What led you to this career?

I was always good at math at school, but I wanted to be something other than a pure mathematician. So I chose Computer Science. I graduated in Computer Science from the University of Havana in Cuba, which was my first encounter with this profession. Before then, I only had a vague and romanticized idea of it. After five challenging, but wonderful, years, I graduated and started my life as a professional software engineer. And many years, technologies, and companies later, here I am at Prodigy!

What attracted you to working at Prodigy?

I knew about Prodigy way before I worked here! I have two young boys who have played and loved our math game. At home, it was a great game for them to play. It gave them a great head start in school because they covered skills from their grades and above. One day, I heard from a member of Prodigy’s Talent Team and was like, wow—Prodigy is based in Canada and Ontario? I was so excited to work on a program that has made my kids so happy and helped them learn so much. It was a great opportunity, and here I am!

What makes working at Prodigy special?

I'm proud to work for a company with a fantastic product for kids. I love math and believe that getting it right early in life will set kids up for success. I'm glad we have English now, too. It's another crucial topic that builds up over time, again helping them to benefit from an early start. When it's in a gaming environment, they are learning and playing at the same time, so learning almost happens without them realizing it. And I am proud to contribute to the success of such fantastic products for kids.

What part of your job is most rewarding?

I can name many rewarding things about my job, but I'll limit myself to my top three. First is the people. I work in a great team composed of true professionals that I look up to. Second is the product. Even though I don't work directly on the games, I'm proud to contribute to the company's success in other vital areas by contributing to the marketing team. Third is my professional development. I love learning and becoming a better person today than I was yesterday. I have embraced a growth mindset, one of Prodigy's cultural values, and I continue to grow. I feel privileged to work in a company that prioritizes growth and learning.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining Prodigy?

If you like learning and pushing yourself to become better and stronger, this is the company for you! Prodigy has a great culture backed up by company values that speak to me. It offers excellent benefits, and the freedom to work remotely is also attractive to me. And if you value the mission of the company you work for, what could be better than helping every student in the world love learning?

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