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Tyler Burleigh, Ph.D.

Educational Researcher at Prodigy Education

Dr. Tyler Burleigh is a Data Scientist at Prodigy with expertise in social and cognitive psychology. Tyler has published peer-reviewed articles on psychology topics such as: the impact of classroom grading systems on students' willingness to cooperate with their peers, and why human-like simulacra are sometimes eerie, known as the uncanny valley effect. Tyler is passionate about using data science and psychology to improve the motivation and resilience of students.

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About our educational review process

At Prodigy Education we take our educational content seriously. Any time you see the “Reviewed by” label on a blog post, it means that we have asked one of our internal experts – all accredited educators, whose credentials we publish – to review the content. And then we respond to their feedback to make sure what we share is accurate, supported and up to the standards of what’s currently being discussed in the education industry.