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Enter a world where kids become wizards, math problems become powers and equations become explorations. Start your child's Prodigy Math story!

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10,500+ Parents joined in the last week!

Prodigy Math world and characters

Parents just like you are using Prodigy to make math fun!

"Prodigy is an engaging way to keep your child interested in learning new math skills and facts."

Amber Gouge


"My son actually begs me to let him play Prodigy."

Rainah Pray


"Prodigy is a great way to get kids who don't like math into math."

Caralena Luthi


Prodigy Basic


Help your child learn math and have fun in the world of Prodigy

Our most basic plan

  • Benefits for your kids

  • Core gameplay features

  • All in-game math content

  • Core items only

  • Preliminary pet features only

  • Benefits for parents

  • Parent dashboard

  • Standard reporting

  • See classroom activity and get insights

  • Send encouraging messages to your child in the game

Prodigy Level Up

$6.25USD per month (billed annually)

Even more features to help your child stay engaged and practice more math!

Everything in Prodigy Basic, plus...

  • Benefits for your kids

  • Access a ton of membership-exclusive gear and items for your child to outfit their character

  • Rescue and evolve loads of additional pets!

  • Access membership-exclusive game areas for your child to explore!

  • Receive access to Mythical Epics to help your child on their Prodigy adventures!

  • Benefits for parents

  • Set goals for your child to win in-game rewards

  • See which questions are causing trouble

  • Adjust the grade level of the questions your child will encounter

  • Track your child's progress through their curriculum

  • Find out how your child is doing alongside their peers

  • Access curated video lessons to help your child learn concepts

  • Print curated math worksheets to provide additional support for your child

Prodigy Ultimate

$8.33USD per month (billed annually)

Our most comprehensive plan to help maximize fun AND learning

Everything in Prodigy Level Up, plus...

  • Benefits for your kids

  • 1 Exclusive Ultimate item per season

  • 1 Exclusive Ultimate pet per season

  • Benefits for parents

  • Set challenging goals for your child and choose from over 40 exciting in-game rewards

  • Access to Focus Mode tool that enables your child to answer more questions at home.

  • NEW: Know when your child feels frustrated with math questions and help them with our tools.

Discover Prodigy’s latest mythical adventure!

With a Prodigy membership, your child can explore Epics in a whole new way.

10,500+ Parents joined in the last week!

Introducing Mythical Epics

Join your child on their learning journey

3D illustration of a parent on the couch, looking at Prodigy data on his tablet.

Data you’ll want to see

Get the bigger picture. Easily see your child’s progress over time, whether they’re in class or at home.

3D illustration of Prodigy mascot, Ed, helping a student use Prodigy on her tablet

Math they'll want to do

Promote independent learning. Motivate your child with fun and engaging math practice.

3D illustration of a teacher helping a student use Prodigy on a tablet at his desk

No more guesswork

Support them where they need it. Instantly see your child’s strengths and needs to help them stay on track.

3D illustration of two students sitting at a desk, playing Prodigy on their tablets.

Keep them motivated

Cheer them on with encouraging messages and reward them as they achieve set goals!

Start their learning journey

10,500+ Parents joined in the last week!

In-game illustration of two Prodigy wizards in a math battle, with their Prodigy pets by their side.

Exclusive tools to support them with ease

Mother and daughter viewing Prodigy on their tablet, with an overlay of Prodigy's Practice Areas feature.

Practice Areas

Get insights to support them where it matters

Get detailed insights to see how your child is advancing — without looking over their shoulder.

  • Find out exactly where they excel or struggle.

  • Get specific question examples for each concept.

3D illustration of a clipboard with a Prodigy Practice Sheet on it, over a yellow circle background.

Practice Sheets

Bring math learning back into the offline world

Overcome learning obstacles before they become problems with perfectly timed printables.

  • Take Prodigy offline and increase personalized math learning when they need a break from screens.

  • Pair math work with exclusive Prodigy art they can color in and you can display on the fridge.

3D illustration of Prodigy's Video Lessons feature for Premium Members over a blue circle background.

Video Lessons

Level up learning at home with curated video lessons

See where your child is struggling and pull up the right lesson with one click.

  • Curated based on where your child is struggling.

  • Available for all of the Common Core math curriculum.

  • Created by professional math instructors.

  • Available in-game: non-curated videos that guide your child through math problems.

  • Animated image showing your child’s progress and results in classroom assessments.

A teacher helping a group of students while they play Prodigy at school, with an overlay of Prodigy's Classroom Learning feature.

Classroom Learning

See what they’re learning in class with Prodigy

Stay connected to your child's classroom from anywhere and find out how their teacher uses Prodigy.

  • See past, present and future Prodigy homework assignments.

  • Get detailed classroom progress and homework results.

  • Over 2 million teachers use Prodigy to help their students love learning!

Ready to join your child's learning journey?

Frequently Asked Questions

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