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Boost your child's math learning with a Premium Membership

Unlock extra features and fun rewards that help build essential math skills for grades 1 to 8. Prodigy is teacher-approved and proven to boost learning outcomes.

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Included in all Premium plans

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  • 100+ pets, gear and accessories

  • Full access to all game areas

  • Extra in-game rewards and prizes

  • Help your child learn more. Keep them engaged with math to encourage a growth mindset and foster success!

See why parents and teachers recommend Prodigy's Membership

Parents agree — Prodigy Math Game really works

"My 8 year old son struggled with Math. He is ADHD and dyslexic. His teacher recommended Prodigy and he loves it!... Today he took his disctrict Math assessment and only missed 2 questions, which is amazing for him. Because of his wonderful teacher and Prodigy he finally loves math."

Patty F.


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"My daughter is excelling at the grade 2 material because she loves the game so much, and... I'm a little bit jealous. Where was Prodigy when we were kids!?!?!?"

Sean G.


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"I love that you have the curriculum but level them up when they can move on. Alex is in 3rd grade and takes 4th grade math at school and on Prodigy he's getting a mix of 4th and 5th grade math!"

Leslie P.


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Premium Memberships make Prodigy more effective

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More math skills mastered

It’s challenging and rewarding. Premium Members advance beyond their grade level in a matter of months by tackling more math challenges to level up and receive special rewards.

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More questions answered

It’s engaging. Premium Members answer more math questions as they explore additional worlds and receive exclusive in-game benefits such as items, gear, and prizes.

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More time spent learning

It’s effective. Kids can stay on track and achieve more while having fun with their Premium Membership benefits.

Prodigy is effective for children and parents
  • Safe for Child Certified badge.
  • Tutorfair Best Educational Apps and Learning Tools Award Winner badge.

Think of Prodigy as math homework disguised as a video game. To win challenges, your child must correctly answer math questions. The more they play, the more they learn and build essential math skills — improving grades and test scores.

Whether your child is outpacing the class or needs more practice, Prodigy automatically tailors math content to your child’s specific needs. Your child can work at a pace that's best for them, so they can achieve more.

As a parent, you can always create a free parent account. You will be able set goals to encourage your child to practice more math, track their progress and receive monthly report cards.

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The parent account: Log in to your free parent account to set goals, send rewards, and track learning progress.

A glimpse of what your child sees in Prodigy Math Game.

A view of the game: children explore different worlds.

An example math question that your child can get while playing Prodigy Math Game.

Math time: solving curriculum-aligned math challenges allows children to make progress in the game and stay on track with math practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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